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Say hello to nuvoH2O and goodbye to hard water forever!

If you've ever lived with hard water you know it's a real problem! Clogged plumbing, ruined appliances and those dreaded spots on dishes, fixtures, mirrors and shower doors.

Now there's a solution. The nuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener System gives you month after month of fresh, clean, soft water for just pennies!

How does nuvoH2O work?

How It Works
It's simple, safe and easy to install. The nuvoH2O cartridge quickly attaches to your water supply and doesn't require salt, electricity or constant maintenance.

Citrus NOT Salt
The secret is nuvoH2O's CitraCharge Cell Technology. Powered by food-safe citric acid, the nuvoH2O system breaks the bonds of scale molecules before they can attack your plumbing and appliances. All you'll notice is month after month of clean, fresh, delicious water—guaranteed or your money back!

Introducing nuvoH2O,

the all new water softener that uses citrus.

Space Saving Water Softener

Some call it evolution. We call it innovation. The days of giant, salt-based water softeners roaming the earth are over. Many homes simply lack the space required for a traditional water softener.

Welcome to a new era, the nuvoH2O era. Using citrus instead of salt, the compact design of nuvoH2O is perfect for any size home; even condos, apartments and townhomes with limited space. Softened water is no longer a luxury reserved for those with space to spare.

Experience the benefits of softened water without the hassle of salt.


  • Removes Existing Hard Water Scale and Prevents Scale Build-up
  • Eco-Friendly – No Salt, No Waste Water, No Electricity
  • Compact Design – Fits Almost Anywhere
  • Extends the Life of Your Water Heater, Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances
  • Innovative, Proprietary Technology Developed from Over 25 Years of Commercial Experience